• …we don’t have all the answers Just ask Job… ​

  • Remember Everything Happens for a Reason... ?​

    • Yes, everything happens for a reason, but that  does  not  mean that God is always the one directly making it happen.

  • God’s sovereignty extends to all thing according to Matthew 10:29

    • God is always at work in our lives, and in His goodness will bring us as believers to a good end.. (Phil1:6). ​

  • Just maybe…as painful as it may me​

    • These events that’s defining our lives, are not simply products of natural causes or random chance. ​

    • They could be ordained by God and are intended for our good. ​

  • Above these other reasons, we can trust in the fact of knowing that that God's divine providence is always at work. ​

    • He works even in the recognizable reasons that things happen. ​

    • We are often more aware of divine providence as the reason for some things that may otherwise seem unexplainable. 

Pastoral Challenge:  ​

  • For every hour watching CNN or other news outlets, spend that time reading your bible or engage is some form of prayer.

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