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Discerning God's Opportunities.. (Rev 1:8)



Determining whether or not an "Open Door" is from God....!!!!



  • “Kairos” implies “opportunity,” “season,” or “fitting time”, i.e.  “Forever present now!”

    • Kairos is related to the Greek word Kara (“head”). A Kairos moment is a time when things “come to a head,” requiring decisive action.

  • Kairos moments happens when we stop counting time as days and weeks, but in opportunities and promises fulfilled.

    • Difference between Chronos and Kairos….Chronos expresses a sequence of moments…emphasizing the duration of the time…


  • Just because an opportunity presents itself, and it looks appealing, doesn't necessarily mean it is from God.

  • Likewise, just because an open door looks a little uncertain, doesn't mean you shouldn't walk through it.

Key...  "Discernment"

  • knowing how to discern if an opportunity is really an open door from God.

  • We don't want to miss open doors because of fear of walking through them.

  • Likewise, we don't want to take every opportunity that comes along, assuming it is from God's hand and has his blessings attached..........

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