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Our History


Founded: The Church has humble beginnings in a Prayer Band. And were officially incorporated on September 8, 1993. Our founder is Leonard D. Tennart, Chief Apostle of the ECA. Resurrection & New Life Fellowship was incorporated in the State of LA with the proposed chartered purposes.


RESURRECTION & NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP, with the support of the Evangelical Christian Alliance, opened it’s doors at 12112 Cardigan Ave, on February 6, 1994, then the home of our pastor and founder. After many hours, even years of praying, studying the Word, believing the Word, confessing the Word, and acting on the Truth of the Word, even meeting in homes, The Lord has made room for us here at 7569 East Industrial Ave. It is from here, we now believe that we will grow numerically and spiritually,


Our Aim/Objectives: “To be a Bible Believing, Bible Teaching, Healing Place for Hurting People Ministry”. To engage in any lawful enterprise which will alleviate the burden of the world’s poor; To provide a local fellowship of believers in which God-given ministries can operate without fear, namely, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers as recorded in Ephesians 4:11-13: To use and operate any and all communication facilities, to effectuate the church’s goals; And to build and operate schools, hospitals, distribution centers, and various social service facilities, such as: crisis centers, rehabilitation centers, battered women and or men shelters, feeding, housing and clothing programs for the less fortunate. And/or participate in any other legal function deemed necessary.


Our Purpose: As this fellowship would understand purpose.  The purpose of our fellowship is to make known to the world the LIFE-CHANGING POWER OF JESUS CHRIST through healing and deliverance. We can only demonstrate this purpose under the direction of the Holy Spirit through: 1) A relational lifestyle of Love, Acceptance, and Freedom.2) And by being open to the needs of God’s people by ministering to the total man. His Spirit, Soul, and Body. By being a “healing place for hurting people.”


Message: Jesus Christ - Crucified, Dead, Buried, Resurrected, and Coming again.


Theme: “Be Ready for anything, Faithful in everything, and Fearful of nothing.”


Mission Statement: To establish a world outreaching trans-denominational Christian Church which recognizes the entire Holy Bible, properly interpreted, as the Word of God; To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Motto: “Drive & Go Forward” (11 Kings 4:24)


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