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Our Name


Names often are an important way to express what a person is like or  what they stand for.  In the Bible, names were often given to individuals that would later reflect  there character.  Likewise we feel it’s important for you to understand why we call ourselves Resurrection & New Life Fellowship,for in our name there is inherent much of what we are and stand for.                 


RESURRECTION, In John 11:25, “Jesus said unto her, I am the Resurrection, and the Life:  he that believeth in me, though he was dead, yet shall he live.”  The New Testament consistently teaches hope in the resurrection of the believer based upon the resurrection of Christ as the “firstborn from the dead” (1Cor. 15:12-58; Col. 1:18; 1 Thes. 4:14-18; 1 Pet. 1:3-5.)  We know from biblical revelation that Jesus dwells in His Church and thus, it is in His church that His life should freely flow.


NEW LIFE, Life is only found in Jesus.  Even though He brought forth this great miracle, He drew the attention away from the great work to the GREATER WORKER, because only in Him was and still is life; “like morning after a stormy night, spring after a dreary winter, triumph after arduous warfare,” so is this NEW LIFE.  The name, “RESURRECTION & NEW LIFE” reflect a desire in our hearts to see the life of Jesus permeate all we do.  Wedesire that the main impression people would glean from us when they come is that Jesus is alive and well here, reviving this community with His Word.  I believe that a church that is not reflecting Jesus’ abundant life is not a Biblical church and is not an effective church regardless of the size.  Thus we contend to be a work where Jesus’ life is the center of all that we do.


FELLOWSHIP, We like to think of ourselves as not just a gathering of people, but a fellowship of people.  The term “FELLOWSHIP” comes from the Greek word “koinonia”, (a) “communion, fellowship, sharing in common” (from koinos, “common”), (b) “that which is the outcome of fellowship, a contribution,” e.g. .  In other words, a fellowship is more than just bodies in some proximity, but rather people coming together who know they have something in common and realize that they have something to share.  We believe the term “FELLOWSHIP “ implies Caring, Support, Friendship, Sacrifice, shared together during the week, all in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.


Our name, RESURRECTION & NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP, is not intended to be a cliche, but rather an expression of what we are about. We trust that as you are with us, you will sense the presence of Jesus that brings LIFE, the soundness of teaching that brings STABILITY, and the joy of fellowship that brings SECURITY.

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