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About Us

Resurrection & New Life Fellowship is formed exclusively for charitable, religious, ecclesiastical, educational, and community based outreach service organization, including, a mental health service provider by promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illnesses through advocacy, education, research and service.


The mission of this fellowship is to establish a world outreaching trans-denominational Christian Fellowship, which recognizes the entire Holy Bible, properly interpreted, as the Word of God educates the public about peace, alternatives to militarism, and non-violent conflict resolution through regular program meetings, a book club, movies, dramatic presentations and a variety of other means with activities.   Specifically, the following programs and or activities highlights the mission of this fellowship. 
 Bible Doctrinal Training
 Leadership Training and Development
 Discipleship Training and Evangelism
 TEAM Evangelism (door to door, and Street witnessing)
 Women on Call —Women’s Ministry
 RNLF Men of “Faith”—Men’s Ministry
 Prison/ Nursing Home Ministry
 Youth Ministry
 Children’s Church
 Various Prayer Groups
 Teen Ministry
 Single’s Fellowship


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