Prayer Request Card

The importance of prayer is affirmed throughout the bible.  Importantly, prayer cannot be replaced by devout good works in a needy world. Important as service to others is, at times we must turn away from it to God, who is distinct from all things and over all things. Neither should prayer be thought of as a mystical experience in which people lose their identity in the infinite reality. Effective prayer must be a scriptural informed response of persons saved by grace to the living God who can hear and answer on the basis of Christ's payment of the penalty which sinners deserved. As such, As a church we are committed to pray and your needs are important to us.  Please share your prayer request with us in the space provided and return ad directed so we may include your petition in our prayer.

7569 E. Industrial Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70805

Resurrection & New Life Fellowship

Service Times
Prayer: 10:30 Am
Morning Worship:  11:00 Am
Bible Study: Thursday 7:00 Pm
Contact Info
Tel: (225) 924-3430
Fax (225) 924-5479

Apostle Leonard D. Tennart, DMin, PhD, BCC, LPC, Sr Pastor

Evangelist Gloria E. Tennart, BA, Administrations/Pastoral Staff

Minister Robbie Early, Assistant

Bishop Gregory D. Mostella, Tribe Juda Ministries, Starkville MS, ECA Overseer

Bishop Michael Hilton, Christ Disciple Church, Jurisdictional Overseer


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