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There is always an incredible responsibility of training and preparing God’s people for Jesus’ coming. We are always praying and believing God for people, such as your self, that are willing to share of their time in training and discipleship of God people.  Here at Resurrection & New Life Fellowship, the following programs/activities provided by our church help in giving shape to the trajectory of one’s spiritual life.  Additionally, we like to think of ourselves as not just a gathering of people, but a fellowship of people. We believe the “term” fellowship implies caring, support, friendship, sacrifice, shared together in an atmosphere of love and acceptance for all people.  We have undertaken a greatly increased program of service for the years ahead.  We therefore, extend a challenge to all our brothers and sisters, by suggesting any of the following programs or activites here at our church can help in giving shape to the trajectory of one’s spiritual life. Consider the following:


  • Bible Doctrinal Training

  • Leadership Training and Development

  • Discipleship Training and Evangelism

  • TEAM Evangelism (door to door, and Street witnessing)

  • Women on Call —Women’s Ministry

  • RNLF Men of “Faith”—Men’s Ministry

  • Prison/ Nursing Home Ministry

  • Youth Ministry/Children’s Church

  • Various Prayer Groups

  • Single’s Fellowship

Community Outreach/Capacity Building /Prevention Programs


Through Capacity Building, we offer various programs that targets high school age youth who attend alternative or non-traditional high schools. The goal of these programs is to prevent the transition from drug use to drug abuse, considering the developmental issues faced by older teens, particularly those at risk for drug abuse and offer positive support systems to avoid the pitfalls that so often derail lives. At the core of our prevention based programs is Spiritual Mentoring. 


Spiritual Mentoring is believed to influence social change first at the level of delivery of intervention for the individual, secondly toward improved program efficacy and outcome from psychological care, and lastly toward lessening the financial demand on already overwhelmed and underfunded social systems..


The use of Turning Points Program is based on a gentle, caring and effective 12-step program designed to explore personal issues in a supportive and encouraging environment, all designed to address body image, nutrition and menu planning for male and female clients dealing with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

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