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Leonard D. Tennart, PhD., DMin, LPC, BCC

  Doctor of Philosophy,Advance Behavior Studies

  Doctor of Ministry, Christian Leadership & Renewal

  Master of Public Administration

  Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling

Our pastor, Apostle Tennart oversees and administers strategies to ensure the operation and sustainability of the Evangelical Christian Alliance, and Resurrection & New Life Fellowship of which he is founder. As a mental health counselor, he has vast experience in Christian- Pastoral Counseling and Specialized Pastoral Care.  In addition, our pastor has vast experience in the management of faith based non-profit organizations, program and policy development both locally and abroad, a military veteran (USAF), state certified clinical chaplain, and Licensed Professional Counselor.


He is a man loved and respected by all that know him. He is a model leader that is widely recognized as a spiritual leader with a great vision for ministry. He maintains a respected reputation as a man of conviction, one who consistently demonstrates hands-on leadership and a commitment to his congregation and issues affecting the Body of Christ. This yearning for God has become his trademark and the dynamics of his life.


As an educator and active proponent of higher education, our pastor has received numerous awards and certificates for outstanding service, leadership, merit and scholastic excellence. His apostolic work has been world-wide and his preaching/teaching ministry has spanned the globe.


He maintains a respected reputation as a man of conviction, one who consistently demonstrates hands-on leadership and a commitment to the call of God. His faithfulness, loyalty, diligence, sincerity, charity, and compassion are proof that he is a man called to be an Apostle “sent by God.”





Evangelist Gloria E. Tennart,

BA, Business Management



Evangelist Gloria E. Tennart, in addition to being Resurrection & New Life Fellowship administrator, Praise and Worship Director, in Apostle Tennart's absence, serves as overseer.  Born in Green Bay Wisconsin and reared as a resident of Junction City, Kansas, to her parents, the late Dr. Earl and Latha Holmes. All of which, provided her a solid foundation, as evidenced by her ordinations in both the Church of God in Christ and the Evangelical Christian Alliance. Evangelist Gloria Tennart a United States Air Force veteran, and mother of four is an astounding anointed woman of God, who exhibits a humble servant spirit, a genuine love of God and salient desire to glorify the Lord, her exceptional biblical knowledge is derived from a family of strong spiritual heritage. Many in the church and community know her charisma.



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