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There’s nothing like having good friends to share your excitement, your joy, and your pain. People who can accept you for what you are no matter what.


Come discover a new family of friends you never knew you had.

A Family of


What a joy it is to introduce you to Resurrection & New Life Fellowship! You’ll discover that our passion is to provide a place where people just like you can have a life-changing experience with God.  

At RNLF our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. We are a "Bible Believing, Bible Teaching, Healing Place for Hurting People ministry in the Baton Rouge area,

We invite you to be our guest at one of our Sunday or Weekly Services. In the meantime, you’ll learn more about Resurrection & New Life Fellowship and how to get connected by using our online resources. We look forward to meeting you and please contact us if you have any questions.


In His Service,

Apostle  Leonard D. Tennart,

PhD., DMin, BCC, LPC,



Unfortunately, when many people think church,

they envision being uncomfortable, unsure and uninvolved. Not so with us. Our church offers many activities for fellowship and fun.

In these relaxed settings,

you’ll find it easy to just be yourself.

You’ll see who they are, children of God.


Come discover a new family of fun you never even knew existed.


Young children represent everything we wish our society was like; innocence, Unconditional love, and an almost never ending sense of joy. Unfortunately, our society can be harsh, cruel and to many, hopeless. Through God’s Word, we strive to find practical ways to cope with today’s battles. And we instill these teachings in our children.


Come discover a new family of friends and grasp on to the hope of the future.


While many believe God is distant and perhaps, unknowing, our church enjoys a dynamic and intimate relationship with the Lord. He is in touch. Whether you are wealthy, poor, sinner, or believer, God wants to give.


If you are longing for something more, come discover our dynamic family of worship.


Disability, sickness, disease. These things are easily ignored until they strike someone in your family or one of your closest friends. Then it all hits home. That’s when you need someone to call. An extended family that can give you that much needed breath of encouragement.


Come discover a family of support you never even knew you had.

Counseling Services

Are you experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition?

Call or come by to take one of our simple and easy screening tests now.

It’s completely anonymous.


Call: (225) 924-9164


A Family Forever

In this building we are a FAMILY


We endeavor to LOVE each other.


BHAPPY everyday.


LAUGH a lot.


  RESPECT one another.


Do the things we LOVE


Use KIND words and be TRUTHHFUL.


Never GIVE up.  


FORGIVE even when it's hard.


We invite you to join our family as we grow in Christ and

prepare for eternity.


Come discover a new family of friends that

could be with you forever.